Sports Performance Assessment

Our Sports Performance Test is specifically designed for athletes that already have a set of training objectives or those who are in the process of setting new goals.

Our testing provides you with the scientific insights you need to develop to your full sporting potential.  It's a comprehensive test using state of the art equipment in our lab near Manchester and its output will help generate a detailed personal training plan.

Our expert coaches will pinpoint accurate physiological zones from your graded exercise test including, heart rate, power, pace zones, heart rate thresholds and V02 peak.

Our performance package also includes a biomechanical assessment on either a treadmill (runner) or bike (cyclists) and full postural analysis to determine your economy during exercise.

We know from working with a range of athletes over a sustained period that our testing and coaching works. 

1-2-1 Coaching

We believe in using evidence based coaching solutions that are targeted to meet individual objectives and optimise sports performance.

All our clients are different.  Everyone has different ability levels, motivation and available time.  Our strength is understanding this and tailoring everything we do around this. 

Our experienced team use proven testing, equipment and coaching methodologies to help you become faster, stronger and more successful in your chosen competition, recreational sporting activity or health improvement journey.

Our clients are assigned a personal coach who is easily accessible by email or phone.  Your coach will analyse your training files on a daily or weekly basis depending on your needs and create a dynamic plan based on how you are responding to the training programme.  This ongoing assessment ensures you will continue to improve and meet you personal goals.  You will be guided through an agreed periodisation season plan that includes dynamic training, regular testing, evaluation and expert advice to ensure you are in peak physical condition for key events.

Our coaches are active and are passionate about their sport and have personally achieved much in their chosen disciplines.  You will be in the hands of a coach who knows what it takes to achieve peak performance as well as the challenges of starting at a novice level, returning from an injury or extended long period of inactivity. Successful coaching is very much about knowing the athlete and we customise every plan to fit an individual’s lifestyle, physiology and goals.

We believe strongly in keeping up to date with the latest scientific research associated with training techniques and rehabilitation.  Our coaches are thus active in their own continuing professional development and routinely attend seminars and coaching clinics so we can always offer the very best to our clients. 

18th - 22nd September 2017 Mallorca Training Camp

We are delighted to announce that our next Mallorca training camp will be a Performance Camp between Monday 18th - Friday 22nd September 2017.  Hosted by two of our lead coaches, this camp will appeal to performance cyclists looking to end their season on a high in the Mallorcan September sunshine and to also start planning for the 2018 calendar using personal performance data gathered before and during the trip.  Our quality villa setting willl be in the Pollensa area of the island.  Indicative cost would be £850 which will include accommodation, catering, seminars and daily coach-led rides.  Guests would need to arrange their own flights and airport transfers in the UK and Mallorca.


Training camps

Cycling in Mallorca is amazing.  It really is as simple as that.  And we offer fantastic cycling training camps and cycling holidays on the beautiful island.

Our camps are run by a passionate group of rider leaders that know the island well and will help you get the most from your visit.  Whether you are looking for challenging training roads, sportive routes or simply the most picturesque touring roads, we will take you to them.  We have hosted a number of successful camps to cater for different types of riders and we can guarantee you will have an amazing time.


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